Super Bowl Or Sex?

Are men aware of all of the sex that they could be having during those four hours Sunday night?
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I didn't realize until I read the results of a poll conducted by the parenting site BabyCenter that the hold Super Bowl Sunday has on Americans could be measured according to a single factor: Would we rather watch or have sex?

According to a BabyCenter poll, 80 percent of female readers said sex, thank you very much. While I acknowledge that there are plenty of women out there who worship at the altar of American football (and you go, you), the poll results didn't surprise me. They did make me wonder this:

Are men aware of all of the sex they could be having Sunday night?

And here's another even more compelling question: If men get wise to women's preference on this issue, will it make any difference? Men supposedly opt for sex over anything, but does that hold true for the Super Bowl? Even if his team is playing?

The answer to this question obviously depends on the man, his allegiance to football, his interest in sex, and how much beer he has drunk when the woman in his life informs him during the third quarter that she's in the mood.

Thus, a poll of our own. Men, what do you say?

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