Super Bowl Prep Tip: Check Your TV for Safety

On Super Bowl Sunday, millions of families will gather in front of their TVs to watch the big game -- and all those creative commercials, too.

But did you know about the big day before the big day?

January 31, the day before the Super Bowl, is National TV Safety Day. It's an important day for parents, grandparents and anyone who has kids in their homes, because checking your TV matters.

Unfortunately, injuries and deaths from television tip-overs happen far too often. Every three weeks, a child dies from a television tipping over. And every 45 minutes, a child is injured by a falling TV.

It is heartbreaking and it doesn't have to happen.

Safe Kids Worldwide and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) are teaming up for National TV Safety Day. We're asking families to add one important, and perhaps overlooked, task to their Super Bowl prep. Do a quick check of your home and make sure all TVs are safely secured and placed properly.

Safe Kids and CEA recommend these simple tips.

  1. Secure your TV. If you have a heavier, box-style TV, make sure you either secure it to a wall or place it on a low, stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the TV's size and weight.
  2. Recycle your TV. To find a location near your home that safely and responsibly recycles unwanted TVs, go to
  3. Secure your flat-panel TV. If you're replacing your CRT TV with a new TV, be sure your flat-panel TV is properly secured with a mount that has a safety certification by an independent laboratory (such as UL, CSA, ETL).

By taking these simple steps, you can protect your children. Marietta Robinson and Joseph Mohorovic, Commissioners at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), join us in urging parents and grandparents, manufacturers and retailers, and safety advocates to work together to protect children and prevent tragedies. "CPSC's 'Anchor It' campaign and National TV Safety Day are a call to take action now. If we can prevent one more death, it will be worth it."

Here is a great video that will give you all the inspiration and information you'll need.

So before the Super Bowl, please help us spread the word about National TV Safety Day (the big day before the big day), and take the necessary precautions to secure all TVs in your home. The safety of your children and your own peace of mind are well worth the time and effort.

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