Super Bowl Recipes Megaguide: Food & Drink Ideas For The Big Game

It's not a proper Super Bowl party without a smorgasbord of appetizers, snacks, dips, wings, finger-foods, drinks and desserts to match the rest of the afternoon's theatrics. Whether you're sticking with traditional fare or refashioning the classics, HuffPost Food has you covered. Check out our recipes and ideas for Super Bowl Sunday food, below.


7 one-ingredient appetizers for last-minute reinforcements

Meathead's pigskin cracklins for classic Game Day snackin'

10 Rules For Super Bowl Nachos

Kerry Saretsky's fried cornichons for the Super Bowl -- a tasty riff on classic fried pickles

Black bean, bacon and feta nachos

Rosemary-thyme pita chips

Devils on hatchback -- bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed chilies

Southwestern-spiced sweet potato chili fries with chili-cilantro sour cream

Brie & Avocado Quesadillas

Hungarian meatballs

Wild Game Super Bowl recipes -- straight from Dallas, Find. Eat. Drink.'s collection of Super Bowl fare with buffalo, kangaroo and wild boar.

The Ultimate Swedish Meatballs

Super Bowl Super Sliders -- four delicious ideas for a monster haul of mini-sandwiches

Roasted tomato & goat cheese jalapeno poppers

Winter mussels -- a super bowl for the Super Bowl

Party mix for grown-ups

Broccoli rabe, potato and rosemary pizza

Butternut squash and roasted garlic galette

Fire & smoke pizza


Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit's favorite hot wings recipe

KFC: Korean Fried Chicken wings

Whiskey wings

Dip-included buffalo wings


French Onion Dip

Caramelized onion dip

South Carolina caviar: pimento cheese -- for the game

Tequila-mango salsa


Roasted fennel & white bean dip

Curried lentil dip


Macaroni & cheese gratin

Horseradish dill potato salad

Terence Hill's beans

Brussel sprouts salad a la M. Wells

Caesar salad with pancetta

Pasta al Forno with pumpkin and pancetta


'Last Meal Ribs': How to make the best barbecue ribs

Super Bowl babyback ribs, in black & gold.

How to make perfect pulled pork: an ideal recipe for serving a crowd -- and cheap!

Smoky pork burgers with fennel and red cabbage slaw

Dan Barber's braised short ribs

Apricot & Rosemary oven ribs

Caramelized pork bánh mì

Crispy Cornell Grilled Chicken: an upstate New York classic

Super Bowl party 'tailgate' brat tub

Kimchi and apple brats

Fig-glazed burgers with red onion jam


Chocolate beer truffles

Tipsy maple corn

The Super Bowl cupcake

Peanut butter cup profiteroles

Crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Salted double chocolate peanut butter cookies


Your ultimate Super Bowl 6-pack from Imbibe magazine -- 6 brilliant beer ideas to cover all the bases

Cocktails (yes, cocktails) for the Super Bowl --'s collection of Game Day drink ideas

10 great canned beers

15 low-alcohol 'session' beers perfect for the game


Bubbly manhattan

* * *

And for any additional inspiration, check out ESPN's top 5 Super Bowl moments from the 2000s animated entirely out of traditional Super Bowl food:

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