The Only Super Bowl Recipes You Need

Go all out with these outrageous updates to the classics everyone loves, from Valentina Rice's new book Recipes from Many Kitchens.


Guac with a Just-Right Addition

On the pepper-heat scale known as the Scoville, poblano peppers are pretty far down the list, measuring at about 2,000 units (for reference, habeneros measure 350,000 units; and, bell peppers, 0). Roast the poblanos until their skins blacken and their flavor intensifies (don't worry, their spiciness won't); then, they're fantastic stirred into guacamole, giving the must-have dip smokiness and just a little kick. 


A Puts-All-Others-to-Shame Popcorn

Set out a bowl of crisp, freshly popped popcorn, and there's no question it'll get eaten -- but if you really want to knock your guests' socks off, present them with this ridiculously addictive, salty-sweet spin on the snack. It combines plain popcorn with vanilla salted-caramel for an enticingly crunchy treat that may just elicit more excitement than the halftime show. 

Get the recipe: Vanilla-Caramel Popcorn


A Smashing Take on an American Tradition

We'll never pass up a pig in a blanket, but these slightly more sophisticated bites are a less expected way to enjoy the deliciousness that is savory meat wrapped in dough and baked until golden. In this version (a twist on a British classic), the "pig" is sausage mixed with sage and chili; and, the "blanket" is all-butter puff pastry. The result is a bite-size appetizer that's guaranteed to be a massive hit. 

Get the recipe: Mini Sausage Rolls


Meatballs That Feel Modern

Swedish meatballs have been regulars on the cocktail-party circuit since the 1960s for good reason: They can be eaten with one hand, are just mellow enough to taste great with many other snacks and are easy to make in big quantities. Plus -- Super Bowl bonus! -- unlike wings, they're fairly mess-free. This freshened-up recipe combines chicken-breast meat with Granny Smith apple and some herbs and spices; then, you serve the cooked meatballs with a glaze made of honey, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. 


A 2-for-1 Dessert

By now, no one needs to convince us what a brilliant combination crunchy salt and rich, dark chocolate are. The chocolate chip cookies in this dessert are no exception. However, if you're looking for an excuse to eat two gooey, chewy, salted chocolate cookies at one time, ice cream sandwiches are just the ticket. With vanilla ice cream, the baked goodies become something otherworldly. 


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