San Francisco Vandals Keep Messing With Super Bowl 50 Signs

"It’s typical San Francisco: We don’t like something, we'll let you know."

The Super Bowl is a chance for people in the host city to send a message to the world -- and San Francisco's message is coming in loud and clear.

Some folks aren't too happy about the big event, and signs placed around the city to provide game-related photo ops are turning into photo ops of another sort: 

"There has been a long-standing hatred by some residents about the Super Bowl coming to San Francisco," Stanley Roberts, who hosts the long-running segment "People Behaving Badly" on KRON 4 News, said.

Roberts attributed the vandalism to frustration boiling over on a number of issues, including the fact that the city's residents have to deal with additional crowds and traffic even though the game itself is taking place 45 miles away at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. 

While these are acts of vandalism, the signs can be pretty funny. 

"It is without a doubt 'People Behaving Badly,'" Roberts said. "But it’s typical San Francisco: We don’t like something, we'll let you know."

Here are some of the ways San Franciscans have let the world know how they feel about Super Bowl 50:

A vandalized Super Bowl sign in San Francisco. 
A vandalized Super Bowl sign in San Francisco. 

Some even turned the signs into political messages, like this one, which was apparently aimed at Mayor Ed Lee:

And at least one of the signs was completely removed: 



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