Super Bowl 2012: Tim Tebow 'Tebows' With Maria Menounos

The NFL stud who seemed to receive the most attention this Super Bowl weekend wasn't even playing in the game. The guy who was at the center of every media mob was none other than Tim Tebow.

Waiting on the red carpet at the ESPN magazine event Friday night, you would have thought Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived when Tebow walked through the metal detector and set off a shutterbug frenzy.

Deciding not to do any interviews, but rather just pose for photographers and video crews, Tebow had no idea that the real fan mob would descend once he stepped foot inside the party.

No one was more aggressive when it came to getting the young football star's attention than "Extra" TV host Maria Menounos. The Tebow enthusiast talked with the player for more than two hours before convincing him to "Tebow" with her.

"I was his first," Menounos told me the following day. "He told me at the party he had never 'Tebowed' with anyone else before, ever."