This Pre-Super Bowl Toyota Commercial About Dads Will Probably Make You Cry

Well, it looks like the days of muppet-themed Toyota Super Bowl commercials are long behind us.

Toyota recently released a pre-Super Bowl commercial called "To Be A Dad," which centers on -- you guessed it! -- what it means to be a father. The ad features former and current football stars including LaVar Arrington, Kurt Warner and Fred Jackson. Their quotes about their fathers will get the tears flowing -- especially when their kids chime in.

"What type of excuse can you give your father when he has prosthetic legs and he's getting up and he's walking around, he's cleaning gutters?" Arrington, a former linebacker for the New York Giants, said of his dad.

When Arrington's daughter was asked how she knows her dad loves her, she said, "A lot of hugging and kissing, I love you stuff."

Toyota's ad campaign is very much in line with the heartwarming theme among Super Bowl commercials this year.

"Several brands are rejecting the sight-gags and sophomoric humor that usually characterize Super Bold ads," Forbes contributor Denise Lee Yohn wrote. "Instead, they’re hoping to make a different kind of emotional connection."

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