The Super-Bowl-Watching Nuns Are Still The Best Part Of This Game

We are truly blessed.

Two years ago, during Super Bowl 50, we stumbled upon the Twitter account of Sister Miriam James, aka @OneGroovyNun, a New Mexico nun from the Society of Our Lady Of The Most Holy Trinity. She spent that game doing play-by-play reactions of her fellow nun, Sister Mary.

“We started it a couple of years ago just for fun, and then it grew from there,” she told HuffPost.

Their quirky enthusiasm quickly made it one of the most entertaining parts of the Super Bowl that year. They came back for Super Bowl 51 and didn’t disappoint.

Well, Sr. Miriam James and Sr. Mary returned for Super Bowl 52 to watch the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33. Maybe they put in a few good words to the man upstairs?

Ultimately, the nuns are just in it to have fun and they hope everyone following them will have fun too. “We love to laugh and hopefully bring people joy (while watching the Eagles win),” she says.

Oh, it brings us more joy than you can know, sister.

Check out their heavenly feed below!

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