Find Your Ultimate Chicken Wings (FLOWCHART)

What's Your Chicken Wing Personality? (FLOWCHART)

You know that expression, "You are what you eat?" Well, come Super Bowl season, a lot of us must be chicken wings. But what kind of wings are we? Not all of them are created equal. There are spicy ones and sweet ones, Asian fusion varieties and the classic bright-orange buffalo.

There's a different flavor for every taste -- and for every personality. For example, some people can eat an entire jalapeno raw -- and like it! They aren't going to enjoy the same type of chicken wings as those who are frightened by the mere sight of tabasco. Some are intrigued by the exotic, while others like to stick to the classics.

Wings are arguably one of the best football snacks there is. (Stay tuned for our Super Bowl party foods showdown and vote for your favorite dish!) They are full of protein, helping you maintain your stamina while watching the game (and that's important, right?). So, you'll want to be sure that you're making the right ones -- so what's your wings personality? Find out in the infographic below.

Which wings did you end up with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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