Single Mom Gives Back To Community With Extreme Couponing

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Tina Klein has found a way to turn her passion for saving money into a way to help people in need. Using her extreme couponing skills, this single mom started the Super Coupon Woman Foundation, which has donated thousands of dollars in food, clothes and toys to her community.

Dealing with a divorce, Klein endured a difficult period in her life, both personally and financially. However, friends, family and even strangers offered to help. The single mother of three never forgot the kindness of others and set out to pay it forward one day.

“Even though I didn’t ask for it, random strangers would step up to the plate and help me with whatever I needed,” she explained. “I wanted to give back to my community to do what others did for me.”

Inspired by Coupon Mom and her extreme couponing tips, Klein began using her couponing skills to acquire free goods that she would then donate to local organizations. “Once I made my very first donation and saw how it could help other people, it inspired me to keep going and reach higher amounts,” she said.

At first she was able to turn $50 into $200. Then she challenged herself to reach goals of $500, $1,000 and finally $100,000, which she hit by teaming up with other couponers around the country. Knowing that she’s inspired people to help others is what keeps Klein going with her Super Coupon Woman Foundation. “Together we can make a difference, cutting hunger one coupon at a time,” she said.



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