Super Hero(ine)

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It wasn't like you appeared

Caped to the nines

Underwear on the outside

You simply were

Super to the nines

Heroic on the inside

For us

We were normal together

We had been magic all of our lives

It's not like you saved

Me from a burning building

A cat from the tree

You simply said

Super duper things

Hero’s don't quit

For us

We speak in twists

Creating poetry and prose

And it's not even like

You have any kind

Of special power

You simply are



For power comes in different forms

The ability to influence

And the ability to know when to allow the next step

Like I said

It's not even like you appeared caped to the nines

Underwear on the outside

Yet, you are the only Superhero

I can see coming

And you are the only superhero

I can hear speaking