This Gamer Beat 'Super Mario Bros.' In A World Record Time Many Thought Impossible

Kosmic himself seemed surprised how well his speedrun went.

Most of us would probably die at the hands of goomba number one.

Kosmic, a video game streamer who focuses on speedrunning through Mario games, set a world record live in “Super Mario Bros.” on the streaming platform Twitch last week, hitting a time that few thought was even possible: officially 4 minutes and 55.913 seconds.

As he proceeded through, Kosmic himself showed disbelief at the pace he was hitting. Speedrunners depend on glitches in the game to shave off as much time as they can. This means not only playing the game flawlessly, but exploiting those glitches flawlessly, like hitting a wall at an exact spot in order to walk through it. A lot of things don’t just have to go right; they have to go perfect.

Jessica Chobot at Nerdist sheds more light on the world record in the video above. Check out the full run in the video below.

The precise level of skill needed to do this is ... well, super.

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