This Spinning Super Mario Cake Takes Dessert To The Next Level

Get the Goombas!

Need a snack that's totally next level? Take this rotating Super Mario cake for a spin:

The daring diners at Gamerboy Media dreamed up this tasty dessert in tribute to the opening of Super Mario 64, in which Princess Peach invites Mario to her castle for a slice of cake.

To re-construct the game as accurately as possible, they enlisted a professional cake decorator to help design a three-tier tower of cake pop mushrooms, peanut butter blocks, cupcake Goombas and brownie staircases, which Mario navigates toward a thrilling gingerbread castle finale:

YouTube videos of the cake resurfaced this week to go viral after they first satisfied hungry gamers when originally posted in 2014.

The behind-the-scenes video explains that instead of projecting images from the game onto frosting, the group used stop motion animation and 18 Super Mario sugar cookies -- all of varying sizes and running positions -- to capture the action.

Nom on, gamers.

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