Super Mario-'Game Of Thrones' Opening Sequence Mashup Is 8-Bit Perfection

What happens when the Seven Kingdoms of "Game of Thrones" are replaced by the lands of "Super Mario World?" You get this epic 8-bit mashup, complete with the 'GoT' theme done in the style of an old Nintendo game.

The video posted Monday was created by YouTube user NicksplosionFX, with audio from Floating Point Music.

"Mario always pays his debts... With Dragon Coins!" NicksplosionFX writes in the description.

The video is a near-perfect shot-by-shot recreation of the HBO drama's opening sequence -- and to show just how close, NicksplosionFX posted a side-by-side comparison that you can see below.

NicksplosionFX also created a number of other videos themed to classic games, including one that puts "Street Fighter" onto a real street.