Amazing Human Beats 'Super Mario World' In Just 23 Minutes... Blindfolded

This guy is better at blindfolded video games than you are at pretty much EVERYTHING.

You may never be as good at anything as this guy is at "Super Mario World."

YouTuber PangaeaPanga on Tuesday published a video wherein he clears the entire 1990 video game in what is reportedly a record-setting 23 minutes, all while wearing a blindfold.

He even beat the optional (and challenging!) "Star World" levels, since you were obviously going to ask.

PangaeaPanga spoke to The Huffington Post via email and insisted the run is real. He noted that he had only one camera with which to film himself and thought it'd be more useful for viewers to see the blindfold instead of his hands pressing the buttons.

"I can see where [skeptics] are coming from, considering how high of difficulty [sic] this looks to the average person," he said. "I did try to authenticate my blindfolded run as best as I could ... which is also why I had the input display at the bottom left of the screen, so you could see exactly what buttons I was pressing at any given time."

Indeed, if you watch the video, the panel to the left displays which buttons he's pushing when. Prior to the Tuesday run-through, PangaeaPanga also published videos showing how he learned each level.

The footage for the blindfolded run was originally captured on PangaeaPanga's Twitch channel, where he showcases "tool-assisted speedruns," a popular form of gameplay that involves hacking and exploiting emulated versions of games to clear them as quickly as possible.

PangeaPanga also claims to be able to run a mile in 4 minutes, 23.13 seconds, and solve a Rubik's cube in 24.34 seconds, suggesting that he is an all-around impressive human.

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