The Toys The Super-Rich Use To Protect Themselves And Their Stuff

The Toys The Super-Rich Use To Protect Themselves And Their Stuff

The downside to having heaps of cash in offshore bank accounts or owning multiple luxury villas: protecting them.

The super-rich keep a vast range of protective toys and services in their arsenals to combat the heightened security threats they face, both real and imagined.

Billionaires hire special consultants to help them develop customized security plans, according to Forbes. These plans include everything from body guards and alarm systems to sophisticated devices that keep track of visitors who are entering or leaving a property.

Many of the protective items seem like they might come right out of a James Bond movie. A $479 briefcase that turns into a ballistic shield made by China’s Leison Global is meant to safeguard businessmen and women working in dangerous environments, Bloomberg reports. A bullet proof fashion line and armored cars are made to protect wealthy consumers ranging from Russian oligarchs and Arab sheikhs to city financiers, The Telegraph reports.

Guarding against manmade threats can cost a fortune. But what do the super-rich buy when there's still cash left in their security budgets?

Some purchase an underground luxury condo with nine feet thick concrete walls that can survive the Apocalypse. Other uber wealthy households indulge in health protection by building $1 million emergency rooms in their own homes.

Here are some security indulgences of the super-rich:

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Security Toys For The Super-Rich

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