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The One Burger 'Super Size Me' Star Still Wants To Eat? Shake Shack (VIDEO)

Surprisingly, Morgan Spurlock hasn't completely given up fast food.

Morgan Spurlock, best known as the star and director of the fast food documentary "Super Size Me," recently appeared on HuffPost Live to reminisce about the 30 days he spent in 2003 eating nothing but McDonald's food. His account of the experiment's aftermath would lead one to assume that Spurlock would never want to eat another burger again:

"When I went off the food after making that movie, I went through massive withdrawal," said Spurlock. "Crazy withdrawal. Junkie-style withdrawal, where for the first day I started having headaches. Day two was headaches and massive sweating. Day three, literally laying on the couch, shaking, full-on junkie withdrawal."

But surprisingly, that experience didn't turn Spurlock completely off fast food. Though he admits he hasn't been to a McDonald's since the final day of his experiment on March 2, 2003, he cops to being a fan of Shake Shack, the Danny Meyer institution that's caught on like wildfire in New York.

"There's nothing better than a good Shake Shack burger. Shake Shack is probably one of the greatest burgers on the planet. I don't need a ton of fast food, but that is good."

We'd have to agree, but we're still not sure we'd want to eat nothing but Shake Shack for 30 days.

View the full Morgan Spurlock interview here and be sure to tune in to "Morgan Spurlock Inside Man" premiering April 13th on CNN.

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