'Super Soul Sunday' Extra: Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston (VIDEO)

Great minds think alike, so it's only natural that thought leaders Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston would be good friends. They've known each other for more than 30 years, and Deepak even wrote the forward for Jean's new book, The Wizard of Us. Jean and Deepak recently had the chance to catch up backstage at a taping of "Super Soul Sunday" and reflected on their relationship.

Deepak says he's learned much from Jean. "What I've learned from Jean is that you can go beyond your imagination," he says. "She's the perfect example of how archetypes -- which are symbols of our states of consciousness -- how we can actually incarnate them and how they affect everything that happens in our life: our perception, our thinking, our cognitive processes, our personal relationships, our social interactions, our interactions with the environment, our health, our success."

Jean says Deepak embodies what it means to be a renaissance man. "A renaissance person is one who is not encapsulated in one thing," she says. "Deepak has taken almost all of human life as his inquiry. He is a great scientist, he is an extraordinary teacher. He is a man of tremendous spiritual depth. He is an evocateur of souls. And above all, he is a man who deeply, deeply cares."

Oprah's conversation with Jean Houston airs Sunday, Nov. 25 on "Super Soul Sunday" at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.