'Super Troopers 2' Teaser Trailer Is Here, So Go Watch It Right Meow

Like chugging syrup with old friends again.

In 2001, a movie was released that changed the face of cinema forever. That film was “Joe Dirt.”*

But another film came out in 2001 that was pretty great too, and it was called “Super Troopers.” It’s a goofball comedy about a group of highway patrol officers who have syrup-chugging contests and mess with young drivers high on mushrooms.

“Super Troopers” gained a cult status over the last decade, prompting the original cast ― a comedy group known as Broken Lizard ― to crowdfund a sequel. They earned over $4.5 million in funding, more than doubling their original goal.

Now, after long last, the first teaser trailer is here, and it doesn’t look like they’ve lost a step.

*Just kidding about “Joe Dirt.” I mean, obviously.



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