Super Tuesday in Oklahoma: Part I

The Red Cup is a coffee shop in the Uptown 23rd District that attracts millennials in the area.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.--Today is Super Tuesday in Oklahoma City and the millennial generation in the Uptown 23rd District is feeling the Bern.

Adrianne Peters, 33, voted earlier today for Bernie Sanders. She said she likes that he has stayed consistent in his views of equal rights.

"I just feel like he's the most honest candidate at the moment," Peters said.

Cameron Rodgers, 32, also voted for Sanders saying that his stance on issues like equal rights and education are similar to her own.

"I feel like he's the one who is honestly for the people the most," Rodgers said.

Ryan Child, 28, said he had not voted yet, but was planning on making a drive to his precinct in Guthrie later today. He plans to vote for Sanders because he supports the democrat's stance on big business.

"I've paid my taxes for the past 15 years and I'm curious as to why certain corporations don't have to pay taxes at all," Child said.

Alex Delgado, 24, voted earlier today, but she did not wish to disclose the candidate that she voted for. She did say that making the effort to participate today was worth it.

"I don't believe you get to complain if you're not going to do anything about it," Delgado said.
Felix Rodriguez, 24, said he drove two hours up to Tulsa County to vote for Sanders. He said Sanders has policies that are important to the millennial generation including minimum wage reform.

"I chose to vote for Bernie because he actively supports the lower class," Rodriguez said, sporting a sticker indicating that he voted.

Oklahoma City has previously been thought of as a republican area, the millennial generation is voting today to show support for Sanders.