Super Tuesday in Oklahoma: Part III

Norman, Okla. is home to the University of Oklahoma.

NORMAN, Okla.--After Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz won Super Tuesday in Oklahoma, millennials are thankful that Donald Trump did not take the state.

It was Amanda Jones' first time voting and the 20-year-old said she voted for Marco Rubio because she thinks he is an underdog, conservative, and a more attractive candidate.

"I was happy Trump didn't win Oklahoma," Jones said.

Stephen Ibach, 27, said that no candidate shares all of his views, but decided to vote for Cruz. Ibach said he felt like Cruz was adamant in staying true to the constitution.

"To me, he stands closest to wanting to uphold what our founders originally intended, as far as liberty goes," he said.

Noria Yanz, 29, voted for Sanders because of his stance on education and women's reproductive rights, as well as how he is funding his campaign.

"I think it's obviously unusual for Oklahoma to go blue, but it makes me excited for Election Day," Yanz said.

Scott Downard, 33, also voted for Sanders. Downard said he thinks of himself as a moderate, but said he was motivated to vote democratically more by being anti-republican than a Sanders supporter.

"It's kind of interesting that we sort of are different from the rest of the overall nation, it's cool that Sanders took the state," he said. "It's kind of interesting that Trump didn't take it here."

Patrick Gomez, 24, is from Alabama and said he notices similarities in the kinds of people who live in both states. It made the outcome of the Oklahoma primary more interesting because Trump won Alabama, but not Oklahoma.

"I'm glad we're not a Trump state, honestly," Gomez said.