Superbowl 50 -- Ba Humbug!

I have not watched football all season, but I watched Superbowl 50 and was horrified by the violence. There was one concussion and two other injuries. Three men were out by the third-quarter. No one cared! Thousands cheered on. While the Fourth of July half-time entertainment was such a display of lavish spending that it was hard to watch. .

The money put in to producing Superbowl 50 is mindblowing. This spectacle was technologically driven by special effects as though Hollywood were producing some sort of participatory video game where the at-home-audience cheers with each injury-- disregarding the brain damage inflicted upon these beloved players. Bravo to Payton Manning who has implied he is about to quit while he still has his brain in tack! At 39 it is time for him to retire with the grace which he has earned.

I think the producers even had a drone doing camerawork. Or was this my imagination?. There was some sort of mini helicopter -like object hovering by the end zone during one play. It was frightening to watch this display of misplaced values and money squandered. Those commercials said it all. All the millions spent to get one minute of America's attention for a sport when it is an exercise in how to mame. Meanwhile we participate at home as we shove pop corn and hot dogs into our mouths and cheer while young men are pummeled and mutilated for our pleasure.

A former cheerleader, I was engaged to a Pittsburgh Steeler. I know the game. Some game. Football is about "getting" a player. Injuring a player. Going after the quarterback to hurt him. Football is war.

The movie Concussion brought attention to the disease of CTE that killed Frank Gifford. CTE is caused by concussion. It has been discovered that violence precedes a player's death due to CTE. With one concussion in Superbowl 50 you would think more mention would have been made about the health of the player-- especially.with this recent discovery of CTE. Also with the attention to the OJ Simpson mini series, I can only wonder if OJ suffers from CTE which could have explained his violence. But CTE can only be determined after a player dies in an autopsy.

All the millions spent on Superbowl 50 could be put into medicine to help cure cancer and other diseases and perhaps even the riddle of CTE.. Instead producers created a film of children of all ages singing, " football is family.". This is the same kind of indoctrination as organized religion. Alas, I am worried about the increasing power of the NFL and how it is affecting the values of our nation.