Superbwoman: Cindy Joseph - Pro-Aging Advocate

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I noticed Cindy Joseph, years before I met her, on the pages of a women's clothing catalog. She was that strikingly beautiful model with the long silver hair - something previously unseen or acknowledged in the fashion world. What I didn't know until years later, when I had the privilege of getting to know Cindy, was that she had spent a full career behind the camera, as a successful make-up artist, before being discovered on a New York street and becoming a supermodel. Here is what she had to say about her life as a "Superbwoman&reg":

How did she get from where she began to where she is now?
"I grew up in an anti-age society, just like we all did," said Cindy. She noted that while she didn't want to be judged solely by her outsides, the societal pressures during high school made her feel that she wasn't "right" and was not accepted or valued. This feeling provoked a reaction that was directly opposite to the norm: she let everything "go" and wore no makeup and stopped shaving. It was during this phase that Cindy learned to accept herself as she was. Now more secure, she realized that she liked makeup and wanted to use it for fun, and not out of fear. She learned to do what made her happy. For many years Cindy was a makeup artist to celebrities and supermodels, until one day she was "discovered" on a street in New York and made the move to the other side of the camera.

As woman growing older in a society that seems to worship youth, Cindy is passionate about changing the paradigm. Her belief is that the goal is NOT to be ageless, but to be age-full. Instead of viewing life as peaking somewhere in mid-age, and then "going downhill", she believes that people keep growing and becoming more and more full of life with each passing year. "The concept of being in the 'prime of your life' is absurd," Cindy noted. "Aging is just another term for living. We all start aging as soon as we are born!"

Who influenced her?
Cindy has found that she has been drawn to elders in her life, especially women 10-30 years older than her. She was introduced to the women at Lafayette Morehouse, an intentional community in northern California, and took classes there to learn more about intentional living. The wisdom of these women had a profound impact on Cindy's confidence and beliefs.

Superbwomen have realized that "shoulds" contain the guilt we often feel. What is one should Cindy has learned to release?
Cindy noted that she believed that she should be successful and productive. This, she discovered, is a direct application of her male energy. While this served her well, she also realized that she was not acknowledging or giving and credence to her female energy, the side which has a pleasure orientation. By learning to acknowledge both sides, Cindy has been able to live a passionate AND successful life. A favorite quote of hers, which represents this concept well, is by Dr. Victor Baranco: "If you go for success, pleasure is 50/50. If you go for pleasure, success is guaranteed."

What is next for Cindy?
A few years ago, Cindy launched her "Pro-Age Revolution" - a movement to draw attention to the practice of ageism in our society and to encourage people to reexamine their attitudes towards their own aging process. Her natural skin care line, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, continues to grow and flourish. And you just may see her on the pages of a magazine from time to time!

Cindy Joseph - a true Superbwoman!
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