Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Comic Book Superheroes, Visualized (INFOGRAPHIC)

Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Comic Book Superheroes (INFOGRAPHIC)

Who is the fastest man alive? What sort of pizza do the Ninja Turtles eat the most? These and more pressing questions are answered in Super Graphics [Chronicle Books, $18.95], a collection of infographics that visualize the fascinating minutiae of the comic book world.

The book includes both facetious illustrations and thought-provoking charts, including all of the pop culture references in Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, and a map of the political ideologies of heroes and villains (Thor is on the conservative side, and the Hulk is, of course, a Libertarian).

Check out these hilarious infographics, and learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about superheroes:

70 Years of Wonder Woman's Legs
How to Read a Comic Book
Pizzas of the Turtles
Politics of Good VS Evil
Pop Culture in Scott Pilgrim
Who is the Fastest Man Alive
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