Students Send Hilarious Tweets To Superintendent Thanking Him For Snow Day

Their joy will warm your heart.

This is as pure as the driven snow.

On Feb. 9, Joseph Roy, the superintendent for the Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, announced on Twitter that school was cancelled for the day because of severe weather conditions that hit the northeast.

And, like most kids, the students in his district were elated to have a snow day, and sent him responses that are as jubilant as a snowball fight:

Roy told the Huffington Post that students have been doing this for about five years because he always announces school closures on Twitter first.

He estimates that about 2,000 to 3,000 of his 9,000-plus followers on Twitter are students in his district. And their responses to his cancellation tweets are always pretty great.

“High school kids are clever and often very funny,” he told HuffPost. “I love our Bethlehem students, they are down to earth and just good kids.”

Roy also explains that the reason why this particular cancellation is getting traction online is because his daughter, Jessica Roy, who works for New York Magazine and has a large social media following tweeted about it:

And her followers adored the kids’ responses.

Roy also says that all this positive energy surrounding his weather-cancellation tweets has helped strengthen his relationships in his district.

“In this big district, kids now know who their superintendent is through Twitter,” he said. “So when I visit schools they have a connection. That’s cool.”

But they may not think he so cool after HuffPost asked him whether or not there would be school on Friday. “Yes! It’s been sunny all day. Roads look good,” he said.

But, for all the Bethlehem students out there reading this, there is still a glimmer of hope. “I haven’t ruled out a delayed opening if roads freeze up,” Roy said.

Fingers crossed!

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