'Superman: Man Of Steel' Filming In Chicago, According To Industry Sources

Another Action Blockbuster Filming In Chicago This Summer

Yet another major action blockbuster appears set to use downtown Chicago as its backdrop, according to entertainment industry sources.

"Superman: Man of Steel," the much-awaited relaunch of the Superman franchise, will be filming in the city this summer, according to Crain's Chicago Business. Production will be based in west suburban Plano, with the film shooting for two or three months starting around August 2011, the report says.

The film marks yet another big title to land in the city since the passage of a 30 percent tax credit for film and TV shot in Illinois, a law passed in December of 2008. Last year alone, 23 films were shot in Illinois, including "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," whose budget some sources pegged as high as $400 million. "The Dark Knight," the latest installment in the Batman franchise, was shot in the city in 2007, prominently featuring the downtown skyline.

Chicago is also getting some more visibility on the small screen, with police drama "The Chicago Code" enjoying some popularity on FOX. A pilot for "The Playboy Club," a '60s-era period piece ordered by NBC, is also shooting in the city.

Following a trend among major action franchises -- from "Star Trek" to "James Bond" -- the new Superman movie will trace the hero's origins, with Kevin Costner playing Jonathan Kent, the Middle American father figure who raises the alien baby Kal-El as Clark Kent. Henry Cavill will play the titular hero, with Amy Adams starring as Lois Lane.

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