Superman And Wonder Woman, 'Justice League' Super Couple, Make It Official With Passionate Kiss (PHOTO)

There's a super romance brewing in Metropolis!

After months of "flirty foreshadowing," Superman and Wonder Woman have finally locked lips, officially becoming the (super)power couple of every comic lovers' fantasy.

According to USA Today, the romantic canoodling is featured in the latest issue of DC Comics' "Justice League," in which the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman are said to find solace in each other after an emotionally fraught battle with the super villain, Graves.

Though this may sound like a perfect recipe for a one-time, heat-of-the-moment tryst, "Justice League" writer Geoff Johns told Entertainment Weekly that this super romance is the real deal.

“This is the new status quo,” Johns said, adding that the relationship will have a big impact on all the characters in the series.

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superman and wonder woman couple

In fact, to further prove the superheroes' commitment to their new romantic partnership, DC Comics has teamed up with Match.com to reveal the retired dating profiles of Superman and his Amazonian girlfriend.

Sorry all, the hot superheros are both officially off the market.

For those who haven't been following the latest developments in the DC Universe, tongues may be wagging as to Superman's fidelity: What happened to Lois Lane?

DC recently rebooted their entire comic universe. Dubbed “The New 52,” every modern franchise has been restarted, starting with issue #1. In Superman’s new reality, Clark Kent and Lois Lane aren’t married. She has a new boyfriend now… His name is Jonathan.

And while some may still be shocked at the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman together, this actually isn't the first time they've been romantically involved. In the series "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," for example, Superman and Wonder Woman have a daughter named Lara (aka Supergirl) together, according to Yahoo! News.

Nonetheless, "Justice League" artist Jim Lee says he hopes this new iteration of the super couple will get people talking.

"Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows,” Lee told Entertainment Weekly. “We welcome the watercooler chatter."

Justice League issue #12 is available in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday. The suggestive cover of that issue is shown here:

superman and wonder woman couple