Supermoon Chicago 2013: Recap Of The Biggest And Brightest Full Moon Of The Year (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Supermoon 2013 In Chicago

While many witnessed an almost full moon Saturday night, the so-called "supermoon" reached the point in its orbit that is closest to Earth early Sunday, making the evening moonrise prime-time viewing for supermoon 2013.

(See photos of supermoon 2013 around Chicago, below)

In Chicago, the ideal viewing time was 7:40 p.m. Sunday, though moonset may enable another stellar view.

Many Chicagoans took to social media to share their supermoon moments, with some of them gathered below. To catch up on supermoon photos and experiences from around the globe, check out the HuffPost supermoon blog.

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Supermoon 2013

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