'Supernatural' Mid-Season Finale: Sam Learns The Truth, But It's Too Late For Some (VIDEO)

Dean finally came clean to Sam on "Supernatural," only he didn't really. He'd recently learned that the angel Ezekiel was dead, which meant there was an impostor riding shotgun inside Sam. So Dean and Kevin came up with a plan to try and save Sam from this outlaw angel -- he'd been imprisoned up in Heaven. Only it wasn't Sam who walked in.

Metatron had made a deal with the angel Gadreel, and that deal included turning the once-imprisoned angel into a killer. His first target was in the bunker. So while Dean and Kevin thought they were going to save Sam from the angel inhabiting his body, Gadreel was actually the one in charge of Sam's body the whole time. He easily escaped their plan, trapped Dean and carried out his mission ... by killing Kevin.

Entertainment Weekly's Sandra Gonzalez was as floored as Kevin by the twist. "I’m gutted. Heartbroken. Sad. Devastated. Shocked," she wrote. "Lying flat on the floor of my office staring up at the ceiling in a semi-catatonic state of disbelief.

Gadreel also said that "there is no more Sam," but we don't believe that, do we? Fans will have to wait until "Supernatural" returns to The CW in January to find out.

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