'Supernatural' Goes To The Dogs As Dean Becomes Man's Best Friend

Some of the best "Supernatural" episodes have been their forays into absurdity. This week's installment proved no exception. While tracking down the week's bad guy, they discovered that their only witness to his crimes was a dog. And so, Dean drank a magic potion that would enable him to communicate with the dog. There were some side effects.

Suddenly, Dean was playing catch with Sam -- really he was just picking up Sam's thrown trash and giving it back to him. He stuck his head out the window to enjoy the car ride, and even had the hots for a sexy poodle tied up outside. It was all a little strange, but a lot hilarious.

Unfortunately, the spell wore off just as Dean was about to learn something huge -- that will surely be dropped and forgotten, because this was just a silly diversion episode. The dog told him that dogs aren't really man's best friend. They were put here to -- And that was it. The spell wore off and Dean could no longer understand his canine companion. Put here to what?! Dean and the viewers will probably never know.

"Supernatural" airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.



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