Support for Second Avenue Continues...

I have mixed feelings about writing this piece. While locals like to keep gems like this to ourselves, my readers know I am on a mission to promote small businesses in this area that may have taken a hit as a result of the 2nd Avenue subway construction. The food is so superb that I highly doubt they have lost any of their loyal customers but Italianissimo is such a small establishment that it could easily be missed by those who don't know about their fine culinary treats.

While it may be a bit pricey for our current economy, this charming restaurant is sensitive to our fair city's current financial woes -- they offer some options that take the frugal diner's concerns into consideration. Italianissimo offers a varied "early bird" price fixed menu from 4-6 p.m. and will even give patron's that dine in and pay cash 10 percent off their bill.

Enough logistics... I chose this restaurant because it is a delight! The food is exquisite, the menu is broad and the atmosphere and lovely. It is tucked away on 84th Street and you can easily walk right past it but, trust me, you'll want to stop in and enjoy a meal there!

Maybe after a crazy day of shopping on 86th Street, you and your friends will wind up stopping in at Italianissimo for the early bird special (after all, you did just spend all that money on shoes). Perhaps you will share one of their phenomenal desserts on a first date. Or, maybe you'll just go in for a great meal, some peace and quiet and a good glass of wine! Whatever the reason... just go and enjoy!

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