Support Rebecca Otto For Governor Of Minnesota Because It's Not Just Local

Rebecca Otto, the much-admired three-term state auditor of Minnesota, is now running for governor -- and it’s not just Minnesotans who should support her. She lives in a solar and wind-powered, geothermal green home that she and her husband built with their own hands. She’s just been endorsed by leading climate scientist Michael Mann. And she used to be a science teacher. In other words, she’s a walking rebuke to Donald Trump.

And if she gets elected in 2018, she’ll be one of the key warriors -- and a proven one with credentials no one can question -- in the new American battle to fight climate change despite the federal government.

So long as we’re stuck with a selfish, short-sighted, inexperienced, and willfully ill-informed male president, supporting an experienced, intelligent woman like this, who cares about others and thinks beyond her own immediate future, is more than just a vote for Minnesota, more than just a vote for women, it’s a vote for sanity in the world.

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