Support the DREAM

The DREAM Act has always been one of the most important facets of comprehensive immigration reform. And when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he was bringing the DREAM Act up for a vote, we knew that we had to get involved.

Below is a letter that we sent to 22 senators, Republican and Democrat, urging them to vote for cloture so the DREAM Act could have an up or down vote.

Dear Senator:

We at Immigrants' List--a bipartisan political action committee dedicated to immigration reform--were delighted and encouraged when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he would bring up the DREAM Act for a vote. We see the upcoming DREAM Act vote as a step towards addressing our nation's immigration crisis. Now that Congress has passed and the President signed into law a $600 billion border security bill - an important statement that America is tough on law enforcement - it's time to take a step in the right direction of fixing our broken immigration system by voting for the DREAM Act.

We urge you to vote in favor of cloture so that the Senate can proceed with an up or down vote on this important measure.

The DREAM Act is an important part of a comprehensive approach to immigration reform--an approach that balances reason with security. At its core, DREAM provides the opportunity for a better life for deserving young residents who did not choose their legal status nor choose to be defined by it, but instead simply want the privilege of becoming Americans.

DREAM also has the overwhelming support of the American people. A recent poll found that 70% of Americans support the bill.

Nevertheless, there are opponents who are quick to remark that this is nothing short of amnesty for the nation's young, undocumented population. Sadly, this chorus has gained volume in recent days.

It's hard to understand how the DREAM Act can be called an amnesty. It is hardly an amnesty to have a chance to apply for citizenship if one goes to college. It is hardly an amnesty to provide a path to citizenship for someone willing to give up his or her life for America by serving in the military.

Those who oppose the DREAM Act overlook the fact that it is the embodiment of one of our nation's central ideals: that America is a place where young people from all over the world can contribute and have the opportunity for a better life.

This is one of those rare opportunities when a single vote can not only make a profound difference but can also serve as an affirmation of America's greatness. The DREAM Act, like the border security bill, is not a cure for our immigration crisis. But like the border security bill, it can be the starting point that ends in a cure.

Let's take this start together.