Support Our Troops... By Not Carelessly Sending Them to War

Failing to question America’s militant and aggressive foreign policy is not supportive.

Do you support the troops? If so, how can you claim to support them if you use them to interfere in the affairs of foreign nations? How can you claim to support them by justifying our federal government wasting billions, probably trillions, of dollars for nation-building? How can you claim to support them when they come home and can’t get the medical treatment they need? How can you claim to support them when forcing them through the draft registration to go to war and die an unnecessary death in the battlefield?

If you really do support the troops like you claim, stop supporting our failed aggressive interventionist foreign policy of preemptive war, regime change, and drone strikes. Our troops are being forced to kill innocent civilians, including children, who pose no threat to America; the sad, and yet scary, thing about this is when our troops are being forced to do such a thing, all it does is help create more enemies for our country and that is the very definition of blow-back.

Blindly supporting without question America’s militant and aggressive foreign policy that wages war that wastes the lives of our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters is NOT what it means to support the troops. Not only that, forcing them to go to war through the draft registration and having their lives wasted on the battlefield is also NOT what it means to support the troops; what’s even worse about this is that women are now being forced to register for the draft as well and supporters say that it has to do with supporting equality.

Really? Women being forced, along with men, by the government to go to war and die in the battlefield is a victory for equality? Both men and women should not equally be drafted into war, so don’t call this a victory for equality. We don’t need more people to die an unnecessary death, so please take that into consideration. All the draft does is it leaves children in America without a mother, father, or sibling in their life and I resent any warmonger who would dare say that the price was worth it.

As I leave you with all of this, understand that our military is being abused just as our freedoms here at home are being abused through this interventionist foreign policy. How much longer are we going to put up with this kind of abuse, especially from the politicians who support this kind of militarism? How much further is this going to go before we figure out that this is all being done for profit and not being done to keep our country safe? How many more lives are we going to waste in the battlefield? I can only hope that we wake up before it’s too late and choose to move into the direction of a non-interventionist foreign policy.