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Supporters of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Offer 'Eulogy' for Nelson Mandela

What follows is a collage of sentences from the first one hundred negative responses to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's official statement on the death of Nelson Mandela. The sentences, taken from the Senator's Facebook page, are unedited, though spelling mistakes were corrected.
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(NB: What follows is a collage of sentences from the first one hundred negative responses to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's official statement on the death of Nelson Mandela. The sentences, taken from the Senator's Facebook page, are unedited, though spelling mistakes were corrected.)

A Eulogy for Nelson Mandela, By the Supporters of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Say what, Ted? I'm confused. You're joining in the Marxist love-fest? You're mourning the death of a murdering Communist? Why? Why would you honor a socialist who promoted the killing of white people in South Africa? Was he not a Communist? Wasn't Mandela a committed Communist and terrorist with innocent blood on his hands?

Speaking out of ignorance, are we? Disappointing, Mr. Cruz. I'm very sorry to see you post this.

I thought Nelson Mandela was a Communist, and that he and Winnie were aligned with terrorists. You didn't say anything about the fact that Mandela was a Communist, and you forgot the part where he planted bombs and blew up a train station, then pled guilty and spent twenty-seven years in jail because of it. I can't believe you would show support of him! Do you now support and promote Communism? This man you are honoring was a Communist and a murderer.

I'm disappointed in your expression of admiration for this Marxist. You need to study your history. Amazing how people are so blind and swallow everything the media feeds them about how great a man he was. You need to go to South Africa and see the fruits of Mandela's work. Mandela was a Communist revolutionary and terrorist with blood on his hands.

Good grief, Ted! He was a frigging Communist. He and his wife and their henchmen hung tires full of gasoline around the necks of their opponents and lit them on fire. What's so heroic about that? Before you praise Mandela you need to find out the truth about him. He was not the man that the media wants you to think he was.

Mandela was a Marxist.

He was a Marxist. He was a Communist plain and simple.

Ted, I'm a supporter of your agenda, however you're on the wrong side of history on this one.

Wake up, Ted.

If you put this man on a pedestal like all the other uninformed people, you've lost my vote for anything.

C'mon, Ted, get real. Did he change from being a terrorist? He was a terrorist. He was about as anti-freedom as one could get. Get your facts right. Rather than bringing people together, Mandela set them apart. He was a murderous Communist serving time in prison for thousands of white murders. Do you support Communist terrorism? I am astounded to see such a tribute from you. This man murdered God only knows how many innocent people, and brought the plague of abortion to his country! I certainly do not mourn his loss.

Don't whitewash the true history of this murdering villain. Please research it! South Africa is now one of the most dangerous places on Earth -- much like how Obama left Chicago. Mandela was a socialist -- no wonder Obama will attend his funeral. (The blacks in America don't know that they are still in bondage under the Democrats, and forever if they continue to support them.) If I were you I would take this post down and brush up a little bit on your history! Don't accept the revision of history by the Leftist media!

Ted, you are making me doubt you. You screwed up here, Ted.

You need a history lesson:

Nelson Mandela was a Communist and his group was on the American terrorist list. He was a glorified terrorist. Marxist murdering scum. He was a socialist terrorizer of white Africans. He was a convicted terrorist in the Communist Party. He was a mass-murdering Communist. He was a Communist who murdered many people. He was a Communist. Communist! He was a Communist and a terrorist! Mandela was a Communist and a terrorist. He was a Communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union. He was a Commie terrorist, Mr. Cruz. He stood against apartheid, not because it was wrong, but because he is a racist and cared only for his own color. He was a Communist/terrorist. He was an avowed socialist -- an ex-terrorist supported by Castro and the U.S.S.R. This information is readily available, just ask any South African with common sense.

I do not mourn his loss. I say "good riddance"!

Ted, I disagree with you. Sorry, Senator, I disagree. (Ted's finally wrong on something!) Not much that I've disagreed with you recently, but this...

Are you ignorant, complacent, or a fool? Praising a Communist terrorist is not the best way to please your base.

Watch it, Senator.

Ted, I understand your need to post something positive about Nelson Mandela, but I am disappointed in your lack of knowledge and history as to the horrific crimes he committed against his own people. Mandela and his wife were evil incarnate, plain and simple. Mandela was a Marxist terrorist much like the Taliban. He was not a hero; he was a racist terrorist. Glad he's gone.

Why are we commemorating and mourning a hateful murderer? A war criminal? What about his days with the Communists, killing innocent people? He destroyed a prosperous nation. He impoverished those he "set free." He turned to advocating violence when he didn't get what he wanted. Nelson Mandela was a Communist and a mass murderer. He was a Communist racist terrorist. The man was a Communist, a terrorist, and a racist. He was a murderer and a Communist. He was a Communist! Yep, he was a good Communist. He was a Communist revolutionary and terrorist with blood on his hands.

Do not fall victim to the media's lies! How you can celebrate the life of an ardent supporter of Cuba's Castro is beyond me. Give me a break. Are you serious? You must have posted only because Mandela was black. He was as Communist as they come, and a buddy of Fidel Castro. Guess Communism is okay with you? Guess a little white genocide means nothing to you, Cruz?

He was a Marxist. He was a Marxist who advocated white genocide. He was a socialist democrat who was against capitalism and private ownership of property. He was a P.O.S. Communist who hated white people. He was a Commie race-baiter.

And he's not without blood on his hands. There was a much darker side to this butcher/Communist. He was a terrorist who murdered my friend. He was a Communist and terrorist jailed for bombing government targets, and he killed who knows how many. Mandela was on the United States Terrorist List until 2008, right along with Osama bin Laden and other well-known terrorists -- and you want to show so much reverence for him? Mandela was a Marxist, a tyrant, and a racist.

Well, Ted Cruz, you lost my vote. You just lost my vote, Ted. I had such high hopes for you, sir. I thought you were different, but you're a sell-out just like the rest of them.

God help the white South Africans. And I mourn all the blacks and their families he used tire necklaces on.

I'm done wasting my time thinking about this. Mandela was a terrorist. That's all. And as far as I'm concerned, any day with one less Communist is a good day.

Ted, I thought you were our guy. Seems like I may need to rethink that. My God, now who will I be voting for in 2016?

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