Why Mom Works Two Jobs To Support Her Grown Son Who Uses Drugs (VIDEO)

After serving time for drug trafficking (38 months of a 45-year sentence), Tony moved back in with his mom, Linda. But Tony, 32, continues to use drugs, and his mom refuses to kick him out. Tony's sister, Andreya, turns to Dr. Phil for help.

"My mother is the biggest enabler in the world," says Andreya, explaining that their 68-year-old mom works two jobs to pay all the bills, including for his truck, keeps the refrigerator stocked, and even wakes him up in the morning for work. Andreya, who recently caught Tony snorting drugs in his mom's home, says, "My brother is a junkie. He's a loser ... My mother knows that he is a drug addict but she turns a blind eye."

Linda, who claims to never have seen Tony do drugs, says all she wants to do is take care of her baby. "My son Tony is a mama's boy. I'm going to take care of him. I'm going to make his life easier," she admits. "I love having Tony around. If it weren't for Tony being here I would be talking to my dog all by myself." She explains, "I can't kick him out. Where's he going to eat? Where's he going to sleep?"

In the video above, both women share their perspectives and then Dr. Phil steps in. Watch more from this episode and find out if Linda will stop supporting her son's lifestyle before he ends up back in prison or dead.