Why A Mom Says She Works Two Jobs To Support Her 32-Year-Old Formerly Incarcerated Drug-Using Son (VIDEO)

Why would a mother work two jobs to help support her grown son who lives in her home after serving time in prison for trafficking drugs ... only for him to continue doing drugs under his mom's roof?

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Linda: "You must be doing what you're doing to make yourself better. Because you ain't doing it to make him better … You have to know that you are crippling your son. You have to know that you are enabling him, that you are crippling him, that you are helping him stay sick by doing what you're doing."

Linda admits, "I guess I'm naive to a certain point."

Dr. Phil continues: “You have to know that you are not helping your son. You are allowing him to do drugs in your own home.”

When Linda denies knowing that her only son and youngest child did drugs under her roof, Dr. Phil fires back, “Oh, come on!”

On Thursday's episode, Dr. Phil offers the family help – and gives Linda an ultimatum. Click here to watch more from this episode.

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