Supporting a Partnership that Advances Science Education

Science is not just for the biologist, examining cells in her lab, or the engineer, building new bridges. Science isn't even just for the cancer patient who is healing as a result of a new treatment, or the family who moved out of the path of a tornado in time, thanks to warning systems.

Science is for everyone.

Everyone can use knowledge of science and the scientific method as consumers, professionals, parents, and citizens. That knowledge begins in school, which is why it is so important that students don't experience science as just memorizing facts and taking tests, but as a way of seeing the world that can help them throughout their lives.

For 15 years, Intel has partnered with the 90-year-old nonprofit, Society for Science & the Public (SSP), to motivate, reward, and inspire students to pursue hands-on science through education programs.

These programs include the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which brings over 1500 top science students from 65 countries together every May; the Intel Science Talent Search, which rewards U.S. high school seniors who conduct independent research projects; and the SSP Fellowship, which provides funding and training to high school science teachers who serve under-represented populations.  Through these initiatives, SSP and Intel reach millions of kids and encourage our youth to be inquisitive and to explore the world around them.

Thanks to the success of this partnership between SSP and Intel, the pair has been nominated as a finalist for the Corporate Citizenship award sponsored by the Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC), a non-profit affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce. The winner of this honor is determined by public voting.