Supporting Our City by Buying Fashion Brands Made in LA

Los Angeles never gets enough props for all of its hard work. With our seemingly casual breezy lifestyles and our non dress code days, there is a misconceived notion that we do not value the daily grind as much as the other big cities in the U.S. One industry in LA that never takes lunch breaks or vacations is our ever-growing, important fashion and garment industry. The city of Los Angeles currently ranks #6 from an economic standpoint in the global fashion industry, and we are pushing to get to #5. What comes out of our fashion industry is an undeniable force to be reckoned with, and something that the residents of Los Angeles should be proud of. Truth be told, we still have yet to figure out a fashion week that is cohesive and makes sense for our city, but beyond that, Los Angeles is a real fashion capital of the world, producing a substantial percentage of apparel and fueling not only the city's fiscal health but the global economy. All of the inner working that make the fashion world go around happen right here in LA from start to finish; studying, design, textiles, manufacturing, production, fashion shows, advertising, pr, sales, retail, red carpets, and so much more.

In a bad economy, style is still important to many. People are still buying new clothes every day. I encourage my fellow Angelenos to think about supporting LA's economy by buying fashion brands made and sold right here in our City of Angels. Since the beginning of 2009, Los Angeles' fashion and garment industry has been one of the hardest LA industries hit, with thousands losing their jobs. Once not long ago, this city's fashion and garment industry was the biggest across the nation. In the late 1990s, the industry was booming with more than 119,000 textile and apparel workers in Los Angeles County, making it the nation's largest. In 2010 and moving forward, it is important to invest in your local fashion and garment community. Los Angeles has immense potential to be on top. We are rebuilding now. Just like it is important to support local farmers by attending farmers markets and buying from those who produce food here in Southern California, the same is true for fashion. Buying fashion labels that are made in LA helps support us all as a community and goes on to assist our city and nation's economy. Brands that are committed to their community create much needed jobs locally.

One brand that believes in the local investment is my new client, Daily Threads, a successful children's basics line based in Los Angeles. Doing business on a local level was very important to Jamara Ghalayini and business partner, Claudia Schwartz, when they decided to create the basics mix and match line three years ago. Both businesswomen live in the LA and see the big picture of investing in their communities. Schwartz is a marketing professional with a background in children's apparel manufacturing and Ghalayini is an economist who has many years experience in retail development. In addition to offering great styles and color selections, Daily Threads is known for its perfect fit as each size offered has been individually crafted with consideration of the best fit and comfort. Keeping with the California casual lifestyle, Daily Threads keeps focused on its brand mission, to provide fashion forward basic styles with premium fit, fabrics and construction solutions for both baby and child (boys and girls) to play in, layer in and live in with superior quality that provides lasting comfort, durability and value. The challenge for Daily Threads was to create a premium line from start to finish that people will want to buy, is affordable and local. Daily Threads is a brand made in the U.S.A. -- and even better it is made right here in Los Angeles.

For Daily Threads, they insisted the fabric be milled in Los Angeles, the line produced & manufactured in Los Angeles and even began selling at first only in the LA area and now sell online and across the country. Daily Threads is only one line of hundreds and hundreds born right here in LA that are supporting the local economy and fashion industry. We all know that small businesses creating jobs in their community is what fuels the national economy. Buying brands like Daily Threads is a way to support your neighbors, the Los Angeles fashion and garment community and our city's economy. Please get familiar with the great LA based fashion brands to support. Lines to consider that are made in Los Angeles in addition to Daily Threads are AG Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, Bedhead Pajamas, Andrew Christian, California Rising and many, many more.

Investing locally helps us think globally. It just does. Many say people either love LA or hate it. I say love it and show it. Support Your City, Buy LA Brands. -Diana