Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence


By Danielle Franco

As Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) comes to a close, it is important to note the hardships faced by sexual violence survivors continue. While these hardships and dismantling rape culture are complex and often daunting, TO THE MARKET (TTM) believes that each person has the power to affect meaningful change. You can support survivors through advocacy, education, and the purchasing of survivor-artisan made goods.

Through partnerships with artisan groups that empower vulnerable women, TTM is proud to support sexual violence survivors as they navigate life after trauma and gain (or re-gain) economic independence. Your purchase of TTM's survivor-made goods sends a message to the survivor artisans that they are an integral part of society and deserve a safe, empowering, and healthy work environment.

The lasting effects of sexual violence often impact how survivors interact with and experience the work environment. TO THE MARKET recognizes the importance of empowering talented survivor-artisans for success and supports the development of safe and healthy work environments by providing trauma-informed resources to our local partners.These resources address common symptoms faced by survivors and how ally-employers and survivors can work together collaboratively.

With a staggering number of women, men, and children experiencing sexual violence during their lifetime you will likely interact with a survivor of sexual violence in both professional and casual settings. Therefore, it is important to engage in advocacy and support for survivors long after SAAM ends.

For more information on how to support sexual violence survivors and resources for survivors visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network at

For Free, Confidential, Secure Support:

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-HOPE

National Sexual Assault Online Hotline:

For International Support and Support for Americans Abroad:

International Sexual Assault Online Resources: