Supporting The Tea Parties From The Comfort Of Your Car (VIDEO)

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It was a challenging morning on "Fox & Friends." The co-hosts were given t-shirts to support Fox's favorite cause, anti-tax tea parties. But these shirts had a lot of writing on them and that means a lot of reading, which the littlest anchor said would take him all afternoon.

Luckily, they skipped what surely would've have been an interesting literacy experiment to discuss how lazy Americans are supporting these tea bagging festivals (pun very much intended). A Fox fan wrote in saying he would hang tea bags from his rear-view mirror and antennae because he couldn't make it to the actual protests and Gretchen Carlson piped in saying, "you could hang it from your mirror too like fuzzy dice." Yes Gretchen, yes.

Please note the olde time patriotic music that Fox piped in during the segment to truly make it fair and balanced. Oh yes, and the Steve Doocy news-laden gem, "Today the 't' in 't-shirt' stands for 'tea bag.'