For Or Against Marriage Equality, Here's What Brought People To The Supreme Court

For Or Against Marriage Equality, Here's What Brought People To The Supreme Court

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of people came to the Supreme Court Tuesday as the nine justices heard arguments in the case widely expected to determine whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

The Huffington Post asked people there to explain why they were for or against same-sex marriage rights. Here are their answers:


Jeremiah, Tennessee."We love homos! Turn or burn!" -- Jeremiah, Tennessee

Jesse Morrell, Texas."The anus is for defication [sic] not penetration." -- Jesse Morrell, Texas

Rabbi Dovid Feldman, New York."Out of loyelty [sic] to God we oppose same gender marriage." -- Rabbi Dovid Feldman, New York

James Manship, Virginia."I support traditional marriage = woman + man because only God, woman + man can create a child = posterity, provide for the future of this one nation under God appeal to heaven." -- James Manship, Virginia

Dean Sinclair, Virginia."Man & woman has been the marriage standard in all of history." -- Dean Sinclair, Virginia

Betty Phelps, Kansas."Same-sex marriage dooms nations." -- Betty Phelps, Kansas


Tina Cunningham, Virginia."It's been too long for all my friends who can't see this!" -- Tina Cunningham, Virginia

Tarek, Wisconsin."I support same sex marriage because there is no reason to be against it. They are 100% the same as us." -- Tarek, Wisconsin

Regina Lam, Washington D.C."I want to be treated as any other human -- and that starts with my government." -- Regina Lam, Washington D.C.

Michelle McKelvey, Virginia."I am here so my kids, if they choose to be gay, don't have to go through this." -- Michelle McKelvey, Virginia

Earl Shearin, Virginia."Because I love my spouse, who happens to be a man. Same sex marriage gives us the same legal rights as any other married couple." -- Earl Shearin, Virginia

Catherine Coy, Wisconsin."The first wedding my triplets went to was Kevin and Jason's. I love that that is what marriage is to them!" -- Catherine Coy, Wisconsin

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