Supreme-Branded Metro Cards Have NYC Shook

The cards are already being resold on eBay.

No one in New York has ever been as excited to buy a MetroCard as the individuals who have been lining up to buy the Supreme-branded MetroCards.

The cult streetwear brand announced their partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Feb. 20th via Twitter, to much celebration.

There was initially some misinformation spread about the cost of the card and what denomination would yield the Supreme card. The traditional yellow MetroCards are $1 apiece, and the fare for one subway or bus ride is $2.75, unless you purchase a special deal.

The limited-run Supreme card sells for $5.50. That price includes two swipes, but riders can load more money onto the card. They can be purchased at Supreme stores and the following subway stations: Broadway-Lafayette, Queens Plaza, Marcy Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Prince Street, Spring Street, Union Square, and the 125th Street 2/3 train. 

One MTA worker previously said the Supreme cards were only available if customers purchased $75 cards, but the @NYCTSubway account confirmed that the cards could be purchased for any denomination.

You can check the @NYCTSubway page for updates on where the cards have sold out. They’re also being sold for even more money than they’re worth on eBay.

Since the cards went on sale, Twitter has been abuzz with videos of the lines to buy them...

And people showing their excitement...

And others showing their bewilderment...

People are even joking about what other commonplace items Supreme will slap their name on.

Whatever your feelings on the MetroCards, MTA is surely raking it in and the Supreme hype is stronger than ever.

If you want to get your hands on Supreme items, but can’t snag a MetroCard, you can check out their site here.



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