This Massive Paddleboard Lets 7 Pro Surfers Catch A Gnarly Wave -- All Together (VIDEO)

If you've ever said surfing isn't a team sport, think again.

In the video above, seven pro surfers/adrenaline junkies catch a huge wave at Hawaii's Makaha Beach, the birthplace of big-wave surfing.

The twist? All seven of them caught it while riding on the same board.

The cleverly named Supsquatch is the Big Foot of SUPs, or Stand-Up Paddleboards. At 17-feet-long, the inflatable surfboard-esque raft is rapidly turning surfing into one big party.

This particular Supsquatch ride, however, has been recognized for more than just its recreational merit. It's been entered into Billabong's 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards in the Ride of the Year category. (Those crazy kids stand to win $50,000!)

The results won't be announced until the XXL awards ceremony in May, but we're really rooting for them; teamwork like this deserves recognition:



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