Surface vs. iPad: 7 Things Microsoft's Tablets Have That Apple's Don't

Microsoft trotted out its new line of Surface tablets earlier this week at a press conference in California. Two versions will be available: one equipped with an ARM processor and running Windows RT, the other equipped with an Intel processor and running Windows 8 Pro. Prices for both tablets have yet to be announced.

Microsoft's competition in the tablet space is fierce, and no devices are as fearsome as the mighty iPad. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in April that 67 million iPads have sold since the device launched in early 2010, per the New York Times. Though Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do, it seems to be off to a solid start with the Surface.

Microsoft is leaving us in the dark on key details, such as the price and exact release date of the Surface, but so far we've seen a few tantalizing features that the iPad lacks.

Flip through the slideshow (below) to see 7 things the Surface has that the iPad doesn't. Then, read on for more about the Surface's secret weapon, as well as what Microsoft isn't telling us about these new devices.

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7 Things Microsoft Surface Has That iPad Doesn't

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