Surfer Bro Gets Wisdom Teeth Out, Professes Love For Beach And His Mama

Poor Cody just wants his mama to take him surfing.

True soul surfers are always ready for a trip to the beach -- even immediately after surgery.

In the case of Cody, a college-aged, quintessential surfer bro and the star of the video below, catching some gnarly waves is the only thing on his mind after getting his wisdom teeth extracted.

"Why I gotta put my gauze back in? I just want to get pitted in the barrel of a wave," he says, begging his mom to take him to the beach. "You know, like whoa, pitted in the barrel, in the wave!"

Luckily, he also makes sure his patient mother knows how much he appreciates her. "I love you, mom," he says. "You're the best mom in the world ... ever!"

With that said, we'll let Cody speak/gargle for himself:

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