Badass Surfer Girl Catches Wave To Chase Down Thief

Justice is best served cold and wet.

If you decide to mess with one of Jolie Bernal's friends, you'll have to go through Jolie Bernal first. And that's a battle you probably won't win.

Bernal was out surfing with her friend Maliny Soukkhasem at a California beach on Saturday when Soukkhasem spotted a man breaking into her car, according to news station KEYT-TV.

Soukkhasem alerted her friend and Bernal quickly kicked into hero mode.

She caught a wave all the way in and, still wet, yanked the would-be thief from Soukkhasem's car.

"I pulled him by the collar and pulled him out and punched him and started yelling at him," Bernal told KEYT-TV.

"All the while, there are men standing around in awe/shock, but not doing anything," Soukkhasem added. Until "someone finally calls 911 and helps us."

Bernal held the burglar down until authorities arrived, the Ventura County Star reported.

According to Ventura police, the suspect, 59-year-old Gordon Gleason, found Soukkhasem's hidden car keys and slipped into her vehicle. He was rummaging through the car when Bernal stopped him. Police charged Gleason with suspicion of vehicle burglary.

Bernal suffered a minor injury during the confrontation. But, like the badass surf girl she is, she didn't require medical attention.

"I think that adrenaline catches everyone and it’s something that’s inside all of us," Bernal told KEYT-TV. "When you’re feeling violated, you want to get justice."

Bernal got hers.

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