A Surfer Accidentally Stepped On A Shark's Head -- And It Bit Him (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Always look before you leap, especially in potentially shark infested waters. That's the lesson Australian surfer Ryan Hunt learned last week.

Last Wednesday, at Wallabi Point in New South Wales, the 20-year-old had just finished surfing a wave when he stepped off his surfboard into waist-deep water, "and then stood on a shark's head," he told Australia's The Today Show.

At first, Hunt thought he had stepped on a rock, but then it latched onto his foot. When he tried to kick the shark away with his other foot, it bit down again then swam up between his legs.

Hunt told Daily Mail Australia that he tried pushing the shark down with his hands and that it appeared to be 10 inches wide, although he couldn't tell what type of shark it was.

His friends helped him out of the water and a local man on the beach helped him dress his wounds, according to reports. On Thursday, Hunt underwent surgery for deep cuts and puncture wounds to his left ankle and foot.

It could have been a lot worse," he told Nine News. "I got off pretty lucky, I mean I still have the foot.”

The optimistic surfer even took to Instagram to share a graphic photo of his injury (below) and some new-found wisdom. "Apparently," he wrote, "sharks like feet."

Hunt also told news reporters that he'll "definitely be surfing again as soon as I can."

That's a step in the right direction.

WARNING: Graphic image below.



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