Surfers Rescue Baby Great White Shark (VIDEO)

WATCH: Surfers Rescue Great White Shark

If you saw a great white shark while surfing, chances are you'd swim as quickly as you could in the other direction.

Unless you're like this group of surfers.

Over the weekend, beach goers rescued what is thought to be a baby great white shark near the Venice Pier in California, CBS Los Angeles reported.

The shark washed ashore with a fish hook in its mouth, and bystanders quickly rushed to its rescue.

One viewer of the incident, Elvia, sent the video to the station KTLA, calling the rescuers "heroes."

Last month, another beach goer snapped a photo of what some believe is a great white shark stuck in a surfer's wave off the coast of Encinitas, California.

The Pew Environment Group reports that nearly 30 percent of sharks are at risk of extinction, and shark fin bans are currently a hotly debated topic around the world.

We're glad this little guy is ok.

WATCH the original footage of the rescue:

WATCH a report on the rescue:

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