Super Slow Motion Surfing Video Is Heavy And Beautiful

No wave will ever look heavier than it does at 1,000 frames per second. That super slow frame rate will also give everyone a whole new appreciation for the athleticism and risks in surfing. Shot with $235,000 worth of Phantom Camera equipment, a video by surf cinematographer Chris Bryan features some of the finest surfers in the world doing what they do best -- all in super slow motion.

It makes for an astonishing 6 minutes.

The athleticism of surfers is often overlooked (thanks Spicoli stereotypes), but the enormous talent displayed in this video refuses to be ignored. With that many frames per second, every ebb and flow of the water -- surfing's ever-changing playing field -- is dramatically jaw-dropping.

Pro circuit favorites John-John Florence and Kelly Slater make impressive appearances in the video. We just wish we could watch Slater's now-legendary 540 in slow mo. But that might make our heads explode.



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